Dear Isaac

Hi Isaac!  Thanks for your letter.  It was so long ago that you wrote it, I'll bet you forgot all about it!  I suspect other people might wonder about the same things, so I'm going to answer even though it's late, ok? I already talked about snow in mmmBELLYmay land here, do you think we'll […]

Of snow and snakes

Dear Abe, Isaac, Lexi, Jake, Lauren, Olivia, and Zach, Thanks for your good questions about snow and snakes!  I'll answer your other questions too, in other blog posts. Even though this looks like snow, it's actually cotton that's been harvested and piled up, waiting to be weighed.  It rarely gets below 60 degrees farenheit here, […]

Dear Abe

Hi Abe!  (Your name isn't really Abe, I'm giving you a pseudonym.  Ask Mrs. D what a pseudonym is!) Thanks for your letter with all the nice compliments and good questions! When I need to have clothes made, I go to a seamstress and I show her a picture of what I want my dress […]