Dear Abe


Hi Abe!  (Your name isn't really Abe, I'm giving you a pseudonym.  Ask Mrs. D what a pseudonym is!)

Thanks for your letter with all the nice compliments and good questions!

When I need to have clothes made, I go to a seamstress and I show her a picture of what I want my dress to look like.  She measures me, and then she makes it for me.  It's really nice to have clothes that fit perfectly!  Here's a picture of me at the seamstress' shop:


I don't know if it has a name, but one song that they sing here is a lullaby I call Yoo Yoo Yoo.  Click here
to see a video of a woman singing it.  I like to sing it to crying
babies because the babies stop crying and all the adults around start
laughing because it's funny to hear me sing it.  And, when I forget the
words, I can just sing yoo yoo over and over again until someone jumps
in and helps me remember them!

Thanks for praying and for writing!

Miss Nora

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