There are over 1800 languages with no Bible.

Be a part of the solution.

Beninese pastors sitting in a circle on colorful mats on the ground in front of some mud brick buildings practicing telling a story in pairs while Nora watches, beaming.

Why the Bible in every language?

The day the Bimoba Bible was dedicated to God and made available to the public, a woman shared a story that answers this question:

“Now that I have the Bible in my language, my family has better health and more money. Before I knew about Jesus, I sacrificed my chickens. Now I know that Jesus is protecting me, so we can eat our chickens now!

Why stories?

It is estimated that over 4 billion people in the world learn best through story, that’s over 50% of the world’s population! Who doesn’t like a good story? Stories slide right past arguments and resistance to the very good news. They get right to the heart, changing people from the inside out.

What do you do?

Many missionaries think it is too difficult, or impossible, to learn a new language. I help missionaries learn a new language so that they can dig in and thrive in the culture they’re called to. I also teach them to tell good stories from the Bible.

Getting the Bible to people who don’t have it yet.

Let’s do this together!



Which came first, Earth or the angels? Hear the answer in this story!

A picture of Nora talking about stories in front of a batik from Burkina Faso with Jesus sitting on a rock under a tree talking to children.

Why Stories?

Why are stories so powerful is a common question. Here’s why!


One of Nora’s very favorite stories to tell, a ton of foreshadowing!

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