Dear Isaac

Isc Hi Isaac!  Thanks for your letter.  It was so long ago that you wrote it, I'll bet you forgot all about
it!  I suspect other people might wonder
about the same things, so I'm going to answer even though it's late, ok?

I already talked about snow in mmmBELLYmay land here, do you think we'll get any before Christmas here in Illinois?

I get my food in a few different places.  Some of it I grow myself.  Actually, it was just an accident that a tomato plant grew out of my compost pile, but the tomatoes were so good, I'm going to plant all sorts of seeds in January.  I also have some fruit trees.  This is the first papaya that I picked!

Ppya I also buy veggies, eggs and other food from the open air market in the village where I live.  Mktng I get rice, flour, canned green beans, tuna fish, Nutella and Laughing Cow cheese from a little shop in a town about an hour away from where I live.  It's kind of like Olson's General Store in Little House on the Prairie.  Have you ever watched that show?  There's a store that has all sorts of useful things and food, all behind a counter.  I wait my turn, and then tell the man working there what I need, and he gets it down for me.

For lunch every day I get my goat and corn meal mush from a little restaurant right near my house.  This isn't the one, but it looks a lot like it.  I like my lunch!  There are days where I'd rather a Big Mac, but goat is good eating!  And, my usual lunch costs me about 75 cents.

Does that answer your food question, Isaac?  Next post I'll talk about how muddy the roads get when it rains!

Thanks for writing, and thanks even more for praying for the Bible translation into mmmBELLYmay!


Miss Nora

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  • What a creative post. We get letters often too from kids asking us missionaries all the usual questions. Visited you via Coffee Girl blog. Blessings on your ministry there!!

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