Of snow and snakes


Dear Abe, Isaac, Lexi, Jake, Lauren, Olivia, and Zach,

Thanks for your good questions about snow and snakes!  I'll answer your other questions too, in other blog posts.

Even though this looks like snow, it's actually cotton that's been harvested and piled up, waiting to be weighed.  It rarely gets below 60 degrees farenheit here, and in the hot season, which is coming up in March and April, it gets up to 120 degrees.  Our mountains aren't high enough to get snow, too bad, huh?  It would be nice to be able to go up into the mountains and cool off by going sledding when it gets hot!

Even though this snake came to visit my yard, I haven't ever been bitten by a snake, and I'm really glad!  I don't have anything about snakes in general, but there are some pretty poisonous ones that live here. One of the reasons I don't have any grass in my yard is so that snakes don't have anywhere to hide.  The other reason is that water is pretty scarce here, and there just isn't enough to use for watering grass.

Thanks for all of your letters!  Ryan, Courtney, Madison, Nicole, Taylor, Jared, Eean, Brock, Caleb, and Andrew, I'll be answering yours soon!

Miss Nora

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