A valentine for me?


A dear friend sent a box of valentine's candy to me.  Very
thoughtful!!  It's so fun to get a valentine!

Other dear friends are celebrating Valentine's Day by being thoughtful to my
mom and her neighbors.  They'd love it if you joined them, and so would
I!   Here’s what Sue (sbresett@sbcglobal.net) sent me:

We will be visiting Victory Centre on February 14th at 1:00

Please feel free to bring Valentines for the residents. 
You could make them if you like. 

We will be decorating planters and then planting flowering plants. 
They will remain with the residents to water and grow for March. 

Music: Big Band

Please plan on meeting us there. 

Victory Centre of Joliet

29 N Broadway St





(815) 724-0308

We visit the 2nd Saturday of every month.

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