PolitickingSo, last week I’m out in a village, sitting under a tree and testing a story, watching people go by.  First, about 30 guys straggle past with their hunting sticks-they’d  just spent a day on the mountain hunting perdrix, some pheasantish ground bird.  I am a little puzzled as to how you hunt birds with sticks, and don’t really understand the explanation, but that’s a usual thing for me, not understanding much at all.

We get back going on the testing, and then this guy drives up on his motorbike, greets everyone, and takes this baby from this young woman and starts playing with it and kissing it.  Not the usual thing you see around here.

I thought to myself that if I were in the States, I’d think this guy was a politician, kissing babies and shaking hands in his campaign.

Then the guy lets these five little kids sit with him on the moto.  Also not usual behavior.  He was very happy for me to take this picture, which I showed to a friend of mine when I got back to my house-yep, this man is indeed a politician, and the elections are coming up soon.

Never a boring moment in mmm-BELLY-may land.  Hunters and politicians abound.

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