Lump da dump dump DUUUUMP

One of the reasons I’ve been experimenting with spamlike substances lately is that my bread has not been turning out right, so I need to eat something in the evening besides sandwiches.  I think the heat here has  killed my yeast.  So, I bought a package of little yeast packets, labelled "levure chimique."   I thought that would be good, the yeast was in small pink packets, so it would stay fresh until I needed it, and I would have nice loaves of bread again.

So, I measure the ingredients into the bread machine, including my nifty new levure chimique.  It looked a little strange, totally white, and not yeasty at all, but I’m a linguist, right?  I read the package.  Levure= yeast, chimique=chemical, therefore I had chemical yeast.  Ok, so I didn’t know what chemical yeast would be,  but I thought maybe it would be some kind of yeast that doesn’t die in tropical heat.

I discerned that further research into the meaning of levure chimique would be necessary when the bread machine turned out a dense lump of something vaguely breadish but inedible.

Baking powder. 

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One thought on “Lump da dump dump DUUUUMP

  1. Uh…yeah…ew!
    Not quite the same effect!
    Are yeast packets something that can be sent to you? Let me know.

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