I tried to siphon diesel yesterday.  No, no, there’s no illegal activity going on-I just have a little stock of diesel in case there is a shortage, which happens from time to time.

Usually when I have it poured into my truck, lots of it spills down the side, which is wasteful and filthy, since diesel has lots of oil in it.  The red dust from the road sticks to the spilled diesel, it’s nice.

So, when I read this idea about siphoning fuel without swallowing it, I thought it would be great!

The article said I should:

elevate the container
submerge the entire length of the hose in the fuel,
put my thumb over the end of the hose,
put the other end of the hose in my gas tank,
and then the diesel would flow nicely out.

I of course decide that this will be accomplished best by:

pouring 20 liters of diesel into a large basin,
making a wobbly stand for said basin,
getting three friends to hold the basin so it didn’t tip,
sticking my arms in the diesel up to my elbows to submerge the hose,
discovering that the hose is too big for me to close it with my thumb,
getting another hose,
spilling diesel on the ground pulling the first hose out,
sticking my arms BACK in the diesel…

and then it didn’t work.

So I tried again 3 times.  Up to my elbows every time. 

Never did work.

But the truck did indeed stay clean.

We ended up going back to the big hose, sticking a funnel in one end of it and standing on a ladder to be up high enough to scoop the diesel into the funnel with a bowl.  I did not think this was funny until late that evening, otherwise there would be photo evidence.

Don’t try this at home, and don’t light a match anywhere near me.

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