CoversmalpngSinging the Do It Yourself Messiah is my absolute favorite thing to do ever.  I love going with my friends, but I have met really interesting people going by myself too.

The first year I went, a woman came by, looked at the empty seat next to me, and asked me if I knew what I was doing. I told her I'd sung Messiah every year for the last five years with a great choir, so she deigned to sit next to me.  

I can't blame her, it's no fun sitting next to someone who isn't singing, especially as a soprano that sometimes screeches.  Somehow it's ok if we're all screeching together, but if the person next to you isn't singing, not so much.  There was a woman talking at intermission this year in the restroom.  She said that she was sitting next to three people that weren't singing, and the guy next to her made a face and covered his ear when she hit a particularly high note.  Kind of takes the fun out of it, you know?

One year I got a seat towards the front, but I was irritated because there was a young boy with an obviously brand new score sitting down the row from me. Great, someone who won't sing, and will grimace when I hit lovely notes.  And where are his parents?!  I fumed until we started to sing and the most glorious sound I've ever heard came from his direction. A boy soprano. 

Cat Lady

scp I think it’s time for me to embark on a new career as a  quirky cat lady.

Unfortunately, I find myself without a cat at present.

Scruffy, or Madame la Chatte, has developed a habit of moistly expressing her displeasure any time I spent the night away from home on any cushions or upholstered furniture accessible to her.

So yesterday before I left, I locked her in the kitchen. 

She has a cat door in there, but I got tired of worrying about her being out all night (come on, I’m single no kids, I shouldn’t have to worry about anybody being out all night), so I duct taped it shut.  Should have tried Gorilla Tape.  I shoved her litter box in front of it blocking it, she is one strong kitty.  Yesterday we wired it shut, and then duct taped it for good measure. 

I come back today to find all the duct tape removed, paw prints on my counter, and no cat.

Tom Cat was seen walking on my wall last night.

Then I saw my screen.

I unwired the cat door, opened a $3 can of tuna and put it next to her food, and am hoping for the best. 

How can I be a cat lady without a cat?

Positive Polish

opipos Will this nail polish really fix a crack in my toilet?  That’s really good to know!  But, my creative use for it was to avoid sparks, short circuits, flames and explosions.

Ok, maybe I’m not risking all of those, but still.  If I reverse the positive and the negative on my 12 volt solar panel power system thingy deal, nothing good at all will happen.

And so, I sacrificed some of my precious polish.  Because I can’t find my red Sharpie.