Santa Came!


Look! My first
Christmas present, gift wrapped and everything! It was too big to fit under my tree, so Santa leaned it on my nifty

Actually, it’s a replacement for my stove top. One day flames shot out of the back, leaving
it like this.

I decided to disconnect it
and get a new one since flames by a hose attached to a gas bottle seemed like a
bad idea to me.

So, after a week without a stove that I could use without
blowing up, I can cook again! Not that I
do, much. It’s not my mother’s fault.  My sister is a great cook-it doesn’t run in
the family. My idea of cooking is
boiling noodles and stirring Laughing Cow cheese into them with a can of tuna
and a can of peas. Delicious!

I am so thankful for Laughing Cow, known by my friends who
have tried the South Beach thing. I couldn’t get over the price in the
States. Here it’s called La Vache Qui
Rit. It’s really cheap, available
everywhere, and doesn’t need to be refrigerated. A staple food!

One thought on “Santa Came!

  • speaking of Santa…it’s snowing here tonight. Looks like the best snow we will have had in years if it keeps going like this!

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