Adventures in Breadmaking

So. I just started my first loaf of bread machine
bread. It has not gone as planned so
far, we’ll see what I get out of it. No
problem, I have 5 packages of biscottes in case the bread doesn’t work.

Ok. This recipe is
for a 2 pound loaf. That seems like a
lot of bread to me, and I’m not sure if I have 4 cups of flour, so I’m already
on dangerous ground-I’m going to do fractions and halve it. Should work, right?

 Next. ¾ cup warm tap
water. Hmmm. No tap water here. How warm is the water in my filter? Seems cool to me. Ok. I’ll assemble and hook up my new stovetop and heat a little water. But, I’m doing this all before the
electricity has come on, so that I can get the bread baking early enough. So, I can’t see what I’m doing with the
stovetop. No problem, plan B, use hot pot.

Ok, I now have warm water. And nothing to measure it with. I
only have nifty little Pampered Chef thingies for dry ingredients, nothing for
liquid. How clever of me. And how obvious that I never cook. Ah hah! I inherited a Pampered Chef mixing bowl that can be used to make a
Barbie cake-and it has measurements on it.   And I can make a Barbie cake! Maybe later.

Water, check. Oil,
check. Salt, check. 1 tablespoon sugar. All I have are sugar cubes. Crush, crush, crush. No problem. Phooey. Where did I put the
tablespoon? Search frantically, can’t
find it.  Did I even really have one? Quit searching for tablespoon that may or may
not exist. Look in Wild Boar on the
Kitchen Floor to see if it has teaspoon to tablespoon equivalents. Nope. But it does tell me that three cubes of sugar equals one tablespoon. Nice to have a recipe book written for West Africa! But,
are they three small sugar cubes like I have here or three large sugar cubes
like we had in France? I’d better go ahead use the crushed ones to
be sure. The Jungle Camp Cookbook tells
me that there are three teaspoons in a tablespoon, so I’m good to go!

I added the yeast, put the bread bucket in the machine,
pushed some buttons, and in three hours I’ll have something made of flour. Tune in tomorrow…



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