T10512This is my MP 3 player and recorder, which I love! It’s great for recording language lessons,
but even better for making road trips go faster. I was tooling down the road on a 9 hour trip, listening to
Relient K. Some of their stuff is deep,
a lot of it is just fun. Great car music!

And then, it happened. I pushed a button. Now, none of
these buttons are normal buttons. No,
these are special under 25 mystery buttons, with labels like A/B, M and various
squiggles. As I am over 25, I am completely unable to operate them. 

Well, whatever I pushed got me stuck in one very light, very
fun 80s inspired album. Nice to listen
to once or even twice in a row, but the third time was a little much, and the
fourth time was unbearable. I couldn’t
fast forward, advance, skip, or do anything to get out of this one CD and onto
the other stuff that was on there. There
I was, on the side of the road, desperately pushing and holding buttons in
different sequences, nothing.  Just  “Charles in charge of our days, and our
nights…” over and over again.

When I got to where I was stopping for the night, I deleted
everything from the player, took the battery out, left it like that for a
couple of hours, and then put more music on, hoping and praying that it would magically
reset. It did. 

 “I want Charles in charge of me.” Maybe he’d know how to work my iriver.

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