3 of My Favorite Books This Year–Have You Read Any of These?

Several years ago, my ministry shifted radically from service in Benin, West Africa to equipping missionaries all over the world. Life was changing fast, full of new challenges, and often a jumble of exhilaration, sleepless nights, and a lot of prayer! One thing that God has used to equip and anchor me through this season […]


About a week after Mom died last August, we got this picture in the mail.  It's Mom and two of her friends on the Andrea Doria.  Not the trip where it sank.  Mom's on the left.  A story I heard on NPR really resonated, especially this part: "With the death, I'd become accustomed to seeing […]

So they loaded up the truck and they drove to Co-buh-lee. Driving to the village today, you'll see how fast I can get an internet connection by how fast I get something posted. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers as we drive!