This is my cat, Scruffy. If she looks a little bulgy, it’s because she’s pregnant. Again. Aargh! I just gave away the last
of my kittens a few weeks ago! If the
bulging wasn’t enough to give me the clue, the fact that she came when I called
her to take her picture would be-she came hoping for a treat. Not that she doesn’t have all the cat food
she can eat, but when she’s bulgy, she’s always looking for more. She likes lizards, but not the heads. Maybe I should have gotten her some at
lunch? Thankfully she doesn’t bring them
to me to share anymore.

 She was on the kitty pill (yes, such a thing exists), but I
guess I didn’t start it soon enough. Oops. She’s perfectly healthy so
far-I’m told by various people here that the most likely result will be lots of
kittens. Like someone else did this and
they had eight. Um, she’s going to have
trouble feeding eight. I forsee sessions
with eye droppers, corners of hankies dipped in milk, and rapidly rereading
that veterinary classic All Creatures Great and Small.  Anyone want to send me Kittens for Dummies? Softy here will be very sad if some of the
kittens don’t make it.

 Now, before I get a lecture on spaying my cat, there is no
unwanted pet problem here. At all. My kittens are a hot commodity-I could sell
them for a buck apiece, but I give them to my friends that want them as pets
and mousers. There are more than 8 good
homes waiting for Scruffy’s kittens, if need be. I hope there are less than eight, though!

I’m already working on some good kitten names. I’m thinking Sylvester, Tom, Felix-maybe some
from Cats? Grisabella? Suggestions? 

One thought on “Expecting

  • hehe, I love that you know the names of the cats from Cats. You’re like my long-lost twin…
    How about Aslan for one of the kittens? Maybe Simba for another.

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