Dining out

Lunch today was goat and cornmeal mush, as usual. With my incredible linguistic prowess, I
asked if there was rice or fish, but there wasn’t. That’s ok, I got some nice pieces of
goat-lunch was 50 cents.

 After I had mine, I saw them fill a plate with some other
kind of meat. Still using my incredible
linguistic skills, I asked what it was. They said fe younfe, or something like that. I trotted out my favorite mmm-belly-may
phrase: “What is that? I don’t

 Lizard. Hmm. Not feeling brave or adventurous, I stuck
with my goat. Driving from the city last
week I did see people holding up huge lizards, about 3 feet long including the
tail. I’m sure they’re good eating,
probably taste like chicken. Maybe next

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