Had an electrician in today to do some odd jobs. He’s great with normal electricity, less so
with 12 volt, which he’s not very familiar with. I usually supervise everything that he does
with my 12 volt solar system, and check it before he goes. Today, however, I didn’t. In retrospect, I would have made the same
mistake he did. I am not a master
electrician. Anyway, I plugged in a fan
he’d wired after he left-short circuit. Destroyed at least one of the solar components, the charge controller. I’ve borrowed one from a friend, and ordered
two replacements from the States. Should
have had a spare anyway.

 It’s not a huge deal, I have lights with town power at
night, and a separate solar system for running my computer. Just kind of a pain in the neck, you
know? Those wonderful wire nuts came in
very handy today, as I disconnected the whole solar system and capped off the
wires so that there wouldn’t be any wires touching and causing any more

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