You have to go back to the beginning

So I'm testing stories, and I'm nervous again because God's story and my friend's worldview are coming more and more into conflict.  This time, I'm worried about the piece where Mary was pregnant with Jesus through God's power.  I mean, come on.  it's weird.  And I've heard it's pretty blasphemous to people from my friend'sContinue reading “You have to go back to the beginning”

You’re not supposed to believe that.

My friend Dennis is blogging through a Christmas reading plan.  The first section just happens to be part of the story I tested today.  So I decided to blog about that passage too. You’d think after yesterday’s fantastic testing session, I wouldn’t be worried about today’s.  But I was.  Perversely,  I was also really bummedContinue reading “You’re not supposed to believe that.”

But there are more stories coming…

Going into our testing session this afternoon I was a little nervous.  Isaiah 53 is tricky to tell in story form, would the guys understand it?  This is the first story that really spells out what God did for everyone in Jesus, would the guys accept it?  Be offended?                  After King David, the kingsContinue reading “But there are more stories coming…”