But there are more stories coming…

Storying Going into our testing session this afternoon I was a little nervous.  Isaiah 53 is tricky to tell in story form, would the guys understand it?  This is the first story that really spells out what God did for everyone in Jesus, would the guys accept it?  Be offended? 

                After King David, the kings and the people kept disobeying God.  But, God still wanted a real friendship with them.  So, he sent his spokesman, Isaiah, with this message of hope.  .  .

We listened to the story several times.  They told it back to me,  got every last detail.  (I recorded them, I have proof!)  Then I started asking questions.  I was worried about the questions too.  Were they dumb?  Would I learn anything from the answers?

                 Why did God still want a real friendship with the people?

                He loves us.  He can’t abandon us.  Even if we don’t think about him much, he loves us.  He lets us be free, but he keeps showing us, I’m still here.

Great answers, but the guys were a little fidgety as we got to the end of the story.  They’d taken over an hour away from their shops already.  I was tempted to skip the last questions, but they could see my list, so I had to finish.  We listened to the last part again.

He will be killed, buried amongst the wealthy.  But God is going to give him life again.

How is God going to give him back his life?

Well, they buried him, so it’s not going to be on this earth that he gets his life back…I’ve never heard of someone being buried, and God…I just don’t believe it.  I’m not convinced yet.  For now, no one has ever told me that.  I’ve never seen that.  I’ve never heard that.  I can’t believe it.  But, if I hear about it, if I see it, I’ll believe it.   There are more stories coming.  They’ll tell us.

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