You have to go back to the beginning

African storytelling cartoon So I'm testing stories, and I'm nervous again because God's story and my friend's worldview are coming more and more into conflict.  This time, I'm worried about the piece where Mary was pregnant with Jesus through God's power.  I mean, come on.  it's weird.  And I've heard it's pretty blasphemous to people from my friend's background

So we listen to the story, and I ask.  How could God cause a woman to have a baby without a man?

And my friend says, well you have to go back to the beginning of the story.  Look how God made the world.  Look how God took David when he was just a kid, a  shepherd and made him into a king.  If God can do all of that, you have to believe that he could do this for Mary too.

Huh.  Guess this works.  Nice when theory lines up with real life.  See, Bible storying is different from telling stories from the Bible – each story is told as an episode in the bigger story of God and people.  The theory is that having this global view gets the message across more powerfully.  I guess it's true.

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