Math help needed

OffOk, this is a serious question.  In orientation, we were told to wear insect repellent that’s at least 36% DEET.  Now, I know, some people might be suspicious of chemicals.  All I know is that malaria definitely kills people, so I’ll wear DEET on my feet to avoid it.  Even though it melts my toenail polish.  Which is serious-I wear sandals every single day here!

But, back to math.  I have a 6 ounce bottles of bug spray with 25% DEET that I want to mix with a 1 ounce bottle of 100% DEET.  I tried to figure out how much of the 100% stuff I should put into the 25% stuff, but I gave up.  To all my math teachers, I’m really sorry, it’s not your fault.  So, I’ve just been dumping both bottles together and figuring that it must be close.  I won’t be able to tell you if you get it right or not, though, you’ll have to argue amongst yourselves.  Please show all calculations for full credit.

Geek help needed

I’m playing with my blog, having a great time. Thanks for visiting!  One of the things that I wanted to put on the side was a picture of what I’m currently reading with a link to  But, going through the process of getting it on there (and getting a percentage of sales that happen when someone clicks on the image in my site) scared me off.  They wanted my social security number and bank info.  Aren’t you never, ever supposed to give that stuff online?  I just want a picture of the book and a way to buy it over there, not a cut of the profits.  Ideas, anyone?

Thanks, by the way, to the people who have helped with my technical questions.  Most of the time my connection is barely good enough to get a post online and download my email, so I can’t surf looking for answers.  So, thanks again to my personal tech support team!

My new coat

Coat Today’s bus was indeed air conditioned.  However, I got drenched getting my luggage  (including 8 jars of poison peanut butter) onto the bus.  Soaking wet under a/c … I froze.  Thankfully someone was selling used jackets outside the bus.  So, here’s my new coat. 


Thank you for reading my very first post on my very first blog!  I will be sharing deep and meaningful things, such as what follows.

I think the first clue to the disaster that was to come was when the customer before me took the round brush out of the stylist’s hand and dried her hair herself.  Really, she did.  Next time I will pay attention to the clues.  But no, I HAD to have a body wave.  A friend is coming tomorrow to visit, she’ll be taking pictures, so, I had to do something about my limp hair.

Well, it’s not limp anymore. 

I am now wearing the same hairstyle that I did in 1984.  It is also the same style as my new friend Di’s poodle, Afia.  Do you see the resemblance? I washed my hair twice as soon as I got home, didn’t help.  Jeff, help!!

Actually, everybody help!  Ask me some questions so I know what to ramble on about.