Geek help needed

I’m playing with my blog, having a great time. Thanks for visiting!  One of the things that I wanted to put on the side was a picture of what I’m currently reading with a link to  But, going through the process of getting it on there (and getting a percentage of sales that happen when someone clicks on the image in my site) scared me off.  They wanted my social security number and bank info.  Aren’t you never, ever supposed to give that stuff online?  I just want a picture of the book and a way to buy it over there, not a cut of the profits.  Ideas, anyone?

Thanks, by the way, to the people who have helped with my technical questions.  Most of the time my connection is barely good enough to get a post online and download my email, so I can’t surf looking for answers.  So, thanks again to my personal tech support team!

One thought on “Geek help needed

  • Hey Nora. I think a link to Amazon would be cool. If you initiate the transaction and it is with a reputable company I think you would be safe to give financial info. You could use the revenue generated to pay for more students to take your training. Didn’t you say you have funding for only 8? Those are my thoughts. Please don’t hunt me down and kill me if Amazon robs your bank acount and steals your identity, o.k.?
    p.s. we really dig the blog.

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