Cat Lady

scp I think it’s time for me to embark on a new career as a  quirky cat lady.

Unfortunately, I find myself without a cat at present.

Scruffy, or Madame la Chatte, has developed a habit of moistly expressing her displeasure any time I spent the night away from home on any cushions or upholstered furniture accessible to her.

So yesterday before I left, I locked her in the kitchen. 

She has a cat door in there, but I got tired of worrying about her being out all night (come on, I’m single no kids, I shouldn’t have to worry about anybody being out all night), so I duct taped it shut.  Should have tried Gorilla Tape.  I shoved her litter box in front of it blocking it, she is one strong kitty.  Yesterday we wired it shut, and then duct taped it for good measure. 

I come back today to find all the duct tape removed, paw prints on my counter, and no cat.

Tom Cat was seen walking on my wall last night.

Then I saw my screen.

I unwired the cat door, opened a $3 can of tuna and put it next to her food, and am hoping for the best. 

How can I be a cat lady without a cat?

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