Nvls Here's our brand new road builder.  It got here around 10 pm, and am I ever glad, because the welcoming party that's been going on since noon across the street ended.  No sleeping chez moi while those big drums are going.

There's a name for this thingy in mmmBELLYmay.  Learned it tonight.


Love it.

Auntie Bakes a Princess Cake

My niece wanted a princess cake with a tiara, jewelry, and high heels.Bttr

I got a recipe online.  It said to fill the batter bowl up to an inch from the top. 


Crumb coatFinding an accessorized brunette Barbie was easier said than done.  I finally found 80s big hair Barbie at a thrift store,  complete with purple eyeshadow, serious blush, and huge plastic earrings.  I may have purchased a few other Barbies for their jewelry…

The white frosting is the crumb coat.  I had to do a thick crumb coat, because the trick is to freeze the cakes before you frost them, not freeze them, drive to your sister's house, then leave it on her counter for an hour.

Four cans of frosting later, Princess C was finished.  (Her tiara went on later.) I will never mock another lopsided, sloppy cake again.

For those longing for a blog with less fluff and frosting, I'm heading back to mmmBELLYmay land in about a month.  I'm guessing I'll find something else to write about then. 

Princess C


IStock_000009323060XSmall So I'm watching television and I see a commercial for an important new drug that helps a previously underserved population-those without thick eyelashes. 

Ok, I get it.  If I had no eyelashes at all I would want some, but that's not how this stuff was marketed.  The spokesperson was Brooke Shields, apparently in need of eyelashes to go with the brows.  (This is not a Brooke Shields slam, or a heavy eyebrow slam.  In the 80s my grandmother told me that I had Brooke Shields eyebrows, and I still do.)

Back to my rant point.  Could we not do a little something more about malaria before putting money into studying and marketing an EYELASH drug?

What is MALARIA?

  • Malaria is a preventable and treatable disease.

  • It is a public health problem today in more than 100 countries inhabited by some 2,400 million people — 40 percent of the world's population.


  • Malaria is estimated to cause 300- 500 million clinical cases and over one million deaths each year.


  • Every 30 seconds, a child somewhere dies of malaria. In any given year, nearly ten percent of the global population will suffer a case of malaria.


  • Most survive after an illness of 10-20 days.


  • Children are especially vulnerable to malaria. In Africa, where 80% of malaria cases are treated at home, the disease kills one child in twenty before the age of five.


  • Pregnant women are also at high risk. They have an increase risk of disease and death, as well as adverse impacts for their developing babies- including low birth weight, growth retardation, still births and death.


  • In African countries, up to 60% of hospital admissions may be for malaria; that's 6 out of 10 admissions!

Look Ma, no emails!

Inbx My inbox is empty!  Sadly, that's because Thunderbird or Windows or something ate them.  I turned on my computer and got the light blue screen of near death.  I was informed that the disk needed to be checked, so Windows thoughtfully did that for me, and then deleted a bunch of corrupt files.  Which seem to have been the pile of unanswered emails in my inbox.  Happily Sadly, my backup is from about a month ago, so a month's worth of emails are lost forever.

My next computer is going to be a Mac.

Except the budget does not really stretch to a Mac these days, so I think I'm going to go for a netbook.  Two of the people at this training course I was just at had them, and they looked great- small, cheap, and light.  Not that I was shopping for them online during some of the lectures or anything.  Not me.

Lightning McPotato

LtheQ The elder niece dresses like she's going to the prom every day.  Fluffy dress, tiara, Mardi Gras beads, the whole nine yards.  Yet, she also loves the movie Cars, especially Lightning the Queen.  Yeah, I know that's not his (its?) name, but that's how she says it, and I as an auntie am obligated to think that it's adorable, which is not hard.  Now that I think about it,  this must be her way of integrating the car into her princess lifestyle.  Anyway.

I found this cookie cutter which looks a lot like the Queen.  I was pretty excited, so we got some refrigerated cookie dough and some sprinkles.  I froze the dough so it would be nice and cold.  This is what we ended up with.

potatoes I thought they looked like potatoes.  The elder niece consoled me and said they looked like Doc, another car from the movie.

Any suggestions on how to get car cookies out of those cutters?