Labyr I'm reading a novel called Labyrinth.  It's ok, not great.  (sorry Eddie.)  But, it made me think of a very nice hour I spent walking through a labyrinth at Cornerstone this summer. 

It was great.  I had a good time reflecting on the artwork that was stationed throughout the labyrinth.

That is of course, after I got lost in the labyrinth.  Typical me.  My friend Coleen calls me Sister Nora of the Perpetually Lost.

Then I stubbed my toe on a rock hard enough to bleed.  Twice.  My father used to call me Princess Grace.

But, after that, I really did have a nice, reflective time in the labyrinth.  I even shed a tear or two.  What was really cool was that there were other people in there, and you were all walking through it, stopping at the points for reflection in the same order, but you couldn't tell if the person you saw was ahead of you or behind you.  You were just all on the same journey, each at different points.  Nice.

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