This is ridiculous, but fantastic.   Two weeks ago, you had me, an American, teaching a course on how to learn language to Africans who all speak at least four languages.  Yeah, because I'm so good at it and they're not.  Right. 

But, they wanted someone from my organization to come and teach them some techniques, so I did, and they were gracious and gave me a lovely dress (which I've washed but not ironed yet) as a thank you.  It was actually a great week, and all the participants said that what they learned would help them.  But still, who should be teaching who?  Whom? Huh?

I put a photo album of the week called 'language learning' on here, it's on the left hand side of the blog, if you're interested.

Further ridiculousness is an American teaching Africans how to tell stories.  That was last week.  Of course, I was helping them learn to craft memorable and accurate stories from the Bible, not improving on their storytelling skills, so it's a little less absurd, but still.  I'm just saying.

Humbling to have the world's best language learners and storytellers want you to share the little bit you know with them…

2 thoughts on “Ridiculous.

  • That dress is awesome. It reminds me of the tunics that people where at my medieval reenacting club.

  • Hmmm, I should bring it home to wear to a Ren Fair maybe!
    Sorry I missed you while I was home, Eva! It was crazy! Still is!

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