Wardrobe malfunction

SlittedI had a crisis-going on vacation to a cold climate from Africa with nothing to wear.  So, I went to the market and bought some jeans.  But, when I got them home and tried them on, there was a problem.  A big problem.  My jeans were extremely dorky.  The worst was that they were tapered , like the jeans I wore in high school, and a little bit too short.  Tightrolled_3Thankfully, someone cooler than me was available to solve my dilemma.  A Peace Corps volunteer cut slits in them for me. 

She said that when she was really cool, she’d cut whole wedges out, but now it’s just slits.  In the interest of cross-generational exchange, I demonstrated tight rolling of jeans, which was cool when I was in junior high.  Otherwise, how would you get the jeans into those leg warmers? 

Can you imagine my surprise when I discovered that tight rolling is also the done thing in West Africa?  Seems to keep the millet dust from flying up your pant legs.

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