ThreshingChristmas Eve morning I was watching these men thresh millet out in a village. If you click on the picture you’ll see a bigger version and you’ll see the guy towards the middle leading the singing.  It’s a three part call and response thing, because they hit the millet with those sticks in three part rhythm.  Very cool.  Yesterday’s pictures are of the millet before it’s threshed, the bundle are the seeds they’re saving to plant next year.

After hanging around the threshers for a few hours, I drove home, showered (millet dust makes you itch), and went for Christmas Eve with the rest of the expat community up here.  Eating stuffing and mashed potatoes a few hours after being way out in the country listening to millet threshing songs was a little strange.Christmas_dinner

I should be used to it.  There are often strange combinations of my worlds – West Africa and the US.  Like this play kitchen in a playground for expat kids.  Traditional West African kitchen shelter, traditional American toy.Play_kitchen

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