Ugly Betty

Black_screenThat window says "Only viewers within the United States can watch these full-length episodes."  How mean is that?  Here I am, enjoying a rare evening of fast-ish internet connection, wanting to relax and watch Ugly Betty, but no.  I’m not in the United States, so I can’t.  Why?  Because I can’t go to Target and buy the stuff that’s advertised on the commercials? 

While I was home, my mother and I would watch Ugly Betty together.  She thought it was hysterical-mostly because she was often pretty sure that I was her sister Betty, so the name of the show was insulting me.  I would come back with "Ugly Ann,"  and we would both crack up.  One time we were standing looking in the mirror together, and Mom said disgustedly, "You look twenty years younger than me!"  Since that means I look like I’m 60, we were both disgusted.  : ) 

4 thoughts on “Ugly Betty

  • Finally…Kent has come back to mmm-BELLY-may!! Yes..the mirror. love the mirror…especially the one in my bathroom. I look at it all of the time. and since I have no window and I close the door…sometimes I even dance in front of it. yes…and after a while, I turn the light on so I can actually see and then go about my business. funny how I look and dance so much better in pitch black, darkness. 🙂

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