Potty break

OuthseMy outhouses, like most I see here, have these pipes sticking up.  I didn’t know what exactly they did, and honestly didn’t want to think too much about it.  Today I found out!  AfriGadget is a great blog, celebrating African ingenuity.  I’ll be spending hours poking through it, I’m sure!  I’m adding them to my blogroll so you can find it anytime you’re in need of an AfriGadget yourself.

However, I must confess that I do not use these outhouses.  Here’s a picture of my favorite thing in the house.  No running water yet, so I fill the tank by hand, but that’s fine with me!  That way I can use laundry water and other gray water very easily for flushing.  On a completely unrelated topic, for some reason every time I used the red eye remover tool in PhotoShop to try to fix this picture, it put black spots on my teeth and not on my eyes where I was clicking.  Strange.

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