I have a bad feeling here…

ThndbrdMy friend Cynthia came to visit loaded down with goodies from friends in the States.  One of them was a gadget I’ve been wanting – a U3 USB thumb drive.  Not that I really know what the thing does, but supposedly I can sync my email to it, go to an internet cafe, stick my thumb drive into their computer, and my email pops onto this U3 thingy.  I can then sync it back to my computer.  If it works, it will be great.

Of course, you can’t do it with Outlook.  I’ve been meaning to switch to Thunderbird for a while now, and this is the incentive that I need. Except that the Thunderbird import wizard seems to have gotten stuck bringing my mail folders in.  It’s been 11 minutes, and I have nothing.  No green bar, only a greyed out cancel button…

Well, this is why I’m doing this now, on my last night in DSL land, so that when something like this happens I can google my way out of the mess.  Stuff like this is less than fun when I try to do it from Africa.  Ooh!  Ooh!  One minute later I have a green bar inching its way across my screen!  Joy, joy!  Happy happy! Guess I just have a lot of mail to pull across.  It was really hard to resist randomly clicking on things to unstick the program.  Actually, that’s why I started this post, to keep my itchy finger off that little red X box, or worse yet, the dreaded Ctrl+Alt+Del.  So, I thank you, my blogging buddies, for saving me from goofing up yet another thing on my computer.  And for saving me from poison peanut butter.  Blogging really is good for your health!

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