I am a wimp…

…compared to the women I know here. 

My friend Sarah writes:  "The women here are amazing – they are so strong and resilient.  Three
come to mind just now.  I visited Amina in the hospital yesterday.  …  While
they were at the farm last year, Amina confided that she wanted to have
a child, and none were forthcoming.  A doctor was able to help, and she
became pregnant, due in February – so they thought.  On Friday she felt
some pain, and fearing complications she and her husband made their way
to Tanguieta.  As if it wasn’t hard enough riding a motorcycle on the
bumpy dirt road, the motorcycle broke down about 13 miles from
Tanguieta.  So they walked.  They arrived at midnight and went straight
to the hospital.  She gave birth the next day at 1pm to a beautiful
little girl!"  Read what Sarah says about the other two women here.

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