What’s this for?

Usb_2I am on vacation.  How about that!  Haven’t taken one in a year, I was long overdue.

So, on the plane over to France, I had this thingy in front of me.  I watched a cute movie but never did figure out what to do with this USB port.  Any help out there?  I’m flying back in a couple of weeks, I can test out your answers then.

4 thoughts on “What’s this for?

  • Techno-dork Nora says: and then do what with my laptop? Charge the battery? That would be cool. Seriously. Then I could play The Sims 2 the whole way back. I was also wondering if I could stick a thumb drive in there with my music on it and then listen to it over their headphones. And then I thought, why would I want to do that when I could use my nicer headphones and my own iriver.
    I am perplexed by this port.

  • Hmmm… Maye you can plug in a thumb drive and watch your own video files? You could charge your cell phone if it has a USB connection… Other than that, I have no clue, Nora.

  • So now the question is, do I stick a thumb drive in it and see what happens? I’m a little afraid to, though. What if I give it a virus or a worm or a trojan horse or something and the plane crashes? I’d feel bad.
    Maybe I’ll just ask the flight attendant what it’s for.

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