How many kittens?


Let’s play count the kittens!  The winner does not get a kitten-they’re all spoken for, but the winner will get a kitten made out of plastic bags.   

Small print: Those living here and having heard from me are not eligible for this contest.  Prizes will be awarded in a couple of years when I go on a short home assignment.  Answers may not be responded to immediately due to W. African internet challenges.

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5 thoughts on “How many kittens?

  1. Thankfully you are over!!
    Ten days old, some are opening their eyes, and they’re all still alive and wriggling. Any other guesses?

  2. **crickets chirping**
    hmm, since there’s no one in line, can I have another turn? I think I’ll amend my answer to 8. Though that still sounds high.

  3. And the winner is, Eva! Ok, the only one playing is Eva. : ) There are seven kittens, all going to seven good homes. And one grocery bag cat going to live with Eva, that makes 8.

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