Is this funny?

AirIt seems like every few months lately I’ve been having a week where I say to myself "I’ve never worked this hard ever before."  If it keeps going this way, I might explode.

But, along the way there are some good laughs.  I’m in a big city, helping with a course.  Besides teaching, prepping, and trying to get some sleep at night, most of my free time has been spent having adventures with my roommates. 

After the day where we were ticked and the great battle of the cockroach, we were pretty tired.  Holly was taking her siesta while Shirley and I worked in the other room.  All of a sudden we hear a crash from the bedroom.  Rushing to Holly’s aid, we see that the face of the a/c unit is dangling by a screw.  The story might not be that funny, but the picture of how Holly’s fiance fixed it with duct tape is pretty good, I think.

Now my roomates are gone, their part of the course is done.  I’m hoping to be able to get some sleep, keep teaching well, and maybe, just maybe have time to blog.  I’m already missing the laughs, though.

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