CockroachSo, a few nights ago, I’m in bed.  I’m rooming with two other women during some training I’m helping with, Holly and Shirley. We’ve had a lot of fun giggling about all sorts of stuff, especially Shirley’s tick issues.

Holly and I start laughing about the ticks-you know, that uncontrollable kind that leaves you gasping and crying?  It was great fun.  We’d finally calmed down and stopped setting each other off.  I put on my reading glasses, picked up my book, and was going to read for a few minutes before going to sleep.  All of a sudden, Holly yells "Cockroach!" just as something hits my shoulder.  I of course screamed and tried to get out of bed, but I was all tangled in the sheets.  Eventually I got free, and dove across the room, where Holly was yelling and Shirley was telling us that we deserved it for laughing at her bugs.

Then the hunt was on – we had to find that thing, otherwise it would come out and get us during the night.  After much screaming, yelling, smacking of flip flops, spraying, inhaling bug spray, coughing bug spray, and a final valiant stepping on by Holly, the invader was vanquished. 

I am never traveling anywhere ever again without my nice travel mosquito net .  Never.  Ever.

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