PurellThe other day I pulled out my little travel hand sanitizer and got very homesick-it reminded me of the one that my friend Jani had last time we were at Cornerstone together.

Hand sanitizer is a truly wondrous thing.  Since goat is generally eaten with the right hand, you want to sanitize that baby before it touches your food!  Sadly, I have a severe shortage of hand sanitizer.  It was taken out of the stuff I shipped to myself here-too flammable, too much alcohol.  They took my toner and my hair spray too.  I guess I’d rather not cause an explosion, but, um, isn’t jet fuel a little flammable?  There would be more of that onboard than there would be of my hand sanitizer.  I just scored a half bottle though-someone came for two weeks and gave me their leftovers…got some styling gel too, maybe that will take the place of the hairspray?

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