PurellThe other day I pulled out my little travel hand sanitizer and got very homesick-it reminded me of the one that my friend Jani had last time we were at Cornerstone together.

Hand sanitizer is a truly wondrous thing.  Since goat is generally eaten with the right hand, you want to sanitize that baby before it touches your food!  Sadly, I have a severe shortage of hand sanitizer.  It was taken out of the stuff I shipped to myself here-too flammable, too much alcohol.  They took my toner and my hair spray too.  I guess I’d rather not cause an explosion, but, um, isn’t jet fuel a little flammable?  There would be more of that onboard than there would be of my hand sanitizer.  I just scored a half bottle though-someone came for two weeks and gave me their leftovers…got some styling gel too, maybe that will take the place of the hairspray?

Some things are universal…

KleenexLast week I watched a baby have an absolute blast for a half hour shredding a piece of kleenex.  I was on a long bus trip-it gave me something to do.  It reminded me of my niece doing the same thing.  Watching that made being here seemed a little less strange – kids everywhere like to tear tissue!  It also made me a little homesick…I never did get to see my niece unroll a whole thing of toilet paper, and she’ll be far beyond that the next time I get home.  This is making me sniffle a little bit, guess I’d better go find my own kleenex to shred.


It’s funny the things that make you homesick…my visitor brought Irish Spring with her.  So, now my bathroom smells like home, and I am homesick when I go in there. 

More on Saturday, I hope, when I come in for small group and can do email again.  You could pray-there have been armed robberies on the road between where I live and where I go to do email. I’m not freaked, but it is a little unsafe.