Under my umbrellas…

Facilitating small groups of people working on stories in mmm-BELLY-may is becoming a larger and larger part of my work.  There’s a building that I can use for this kind of thing, but it’s just one room.  When I have three groups recording three stories at the same time, being in the same room doesn’t work.  And, there’s only one tree outside to sit under.  We can’t sit in the sun, way too hot for that.

So, I thought, I’ll build some little straw shelters.  They’re cute, breezy, and practical.  The problem is, there are at least 4 different places that I’d want to build these little deals.  That gets a bit pricey.  And, these structures are far from permanent-termites and storms mean that they’d only last 3 years at the most.  What to do?  Build expensive ones everywhere with cement poles and metal roofing?  Yeah, I’ll do that after I go and pick all the leaves off the money tree.

But, I’ve been in the city, where there is a veritable shopping mall at every red light.  This week they’re selling huge beach umbrellas.  I looked at them every time I was at the intersection, but hesitated.  I started noticing them being used all over the place, planted in old tire rims, pots with sand.  But no, my last day in the city came and went without me buyingUmbrella one. 

While I was packing my truck, two guys walked past on their way home.  Did Madame want to buy an umbrella?  I took that as an indication that the umbrella was a good idea, checked to see if they fit in my truck, and bought two. 

Anybody for the beach?

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