Where’s the Wheat?

BiscottesThese are biscottes, one of my staple foods.  At lunch I eat goat, but in the evening I have pseudo-sandwiches.  I call it that because bread is hard to come by here, and gets stale quickly, so I eat biscottes.  They are usually available in the stores and don’t get stale.  Ok, so they’re not really tasty either, but they’re ok with tuna, Laughing Cow cheese (which is really cheap here, since they’ve never heard of the South Beach diet), canned hummus, or peanut butter and Nutella.

But, I’ve been getting tired of biscottes, so I bought a bread maker from someone who is leaving.  I figure I can bake bread during the 7 hours the electricity is on at night, right?  There’s a great bread machine website, so I found the instructions I needed, as well as tons of recipes.  But, now the problem is, there’s a wheat shortage.  So, the bakeries are not baking bread, and I’m not finding flour in the stores.  Weird.  I bought two big packages of biscottes to take back to the village with me.  Someday I’ll use that bread machine…

One thought on “Where’s the Wheat?

  • oooh… lack of favorite foods would be one of the harder things to deal with overseas, I suspect, as we all think about food so much during the day. I’m sorry for your wheat frustration! But I’m glad you’ve got the bread machine in place so that once the resources are back, you can bake!

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