Home Depot

Img_0811_cropWe’re sitting outside watching her moving truck get loaded when my friend Judy says, "Need anything from Home Depot?"  I turned around to see this vendor walking down the street towards us.  It feels like Where’s Waldo-how many different items can you find on the cart?  Is Waldo in there anywhere?  I was shopping for an adapter for my cell phone charger-it cleverly has a British plug but the outlets here take French plugs.  I have one adapter, but I had to steal it from the phone to use on a voltage regulator so that my newish fridge isn’t killed by radically varying electricity.  There’s no transformer in my village-the electricity comes straight from the generator to the customers.  I burn out a lot of light bulbs.

Another interesting tidbit-the cart is called a "pousse-pousse,"  or for those who don’t remember their French, a  ‘push-push.’  My machete  is more commonly known as a "coupe-coupe," which does not refer to a car but means ‘cut-cut.’  (And is not recommended for the killing of snakes .)

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