The most fun I’ve ever had with $10

Last week my friend Judy moved away.  This is Judy who made me a ham sandwich when I needed one, so it is really a great loss.  I was moping around after she went to the airport, and then I remembered a magic piece of technology I had heard of-SkypeOut.  So, I charged my Skype account with $10, and the telephoning began-0.176 euros (?) a minute to the US!  I called my parents, I called my sister, I called my friends, I called my pastor, I left messages, I even called my friends/role models/mentors in South Asia on their Vonage phone (just too too techie!), all for about 2 cents a minute.  I used up every bit of that 10 bucks.

Of course, 6 hours later the internet stopped working for four days.  But, it was great while it lasted!

The best part was hearing my niece talk for the first time.  She is clearly the smartest, most gifted child ever.  She sang me songs and said "I love you Auntie Nora."  I’m sniffling again just blogging about it.

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