66 hours

I shouldn’t have done the math.  I have spent 66 hours in public transportation since June 7th.  It has been a long 66 hours.  But, the end is in sight.  July 4th will be forever known to me also as Independence from Public Transportation Day, since that’s when my vehicle arrived at the port.  Sadly, the paperwork didn’t get there until July 11th, causing all sorts of difficulties. Because of this, I’m not going to get my hands on the car for another month, and all the money saved importing it is down the drain in fees and storage costs.  Phooey.

But, public transportation has been interesting.  This morning, I had an hour before my bus left, so I decided to do a little cultural observation.  Not a bad thing, huh?  So, here’s what I observed:
There were women selling things from trays or boxes that they carried on top of their heads.  Two of them had morning toiletry things-Q-tips, toothpaste, some kind of pill, and toothbrushes.  The toothbrush is not what you would think, but rather the little sticks of wood in the picture.  I’ll take a better picture tomorrow…

The other 3 ladies had food-one with bread, one with pastries, and one with hard boiled eggs.  I was hungry, but none of this was going to definitely be safe for me to eat, so I didn’t get any.  Just as we were boarding the bus, I heard someone yelling "bananas," but I couldn’t get to them before we pulled out.  Bananas are perfect-wrapped up and perfectly hygienic just the way they grow!  I found some later on in the trip, so I didn’t starve.  Looks like I have a few more bus trips to experience before I get my truck.  Stay tuned…Toothbrush

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