For people that serve overseas like me, goodbyes happen all of the time.  My visitor just left today-right now I’m too tired to miss her, but that will come as soon as I get some sleep.  Goodbyes get old, you know?

There’s a children’s book that explains really well how it is for me-not just the goodbyes, but having my home and my heart on two continents.  There’s a line towards the end that has it just right-I don’t have the book here, but it’s something like, "When I’m here I wish I were there, and when I’m there I wish I were here."  I don’t have that right, though, because that makes it sound like I’m unhappy and not content wherever I am, which is not the case at all.  But, no matter where I am, there is a piece of me that wants to be somewhere else.  Ugh-I am not a wordsmith!  Can someone help me with how the award winning author put it in his book?

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