Stuff I like, part 1

NetMeet my travel mosquito net!  This wondrous thing is currently sitting on top of my bed in a guest room where I’m about to have 10 days of retreat and meetings with my colleagues here.

This is a great mosquito net.  Nothing is getting in here, and it’s not hung by strings all over the room!  There are some improvements to be made, though-the bottom is nylon, which is great for keeping unwanted nighttime visitors out, but very hot.  I’m in the process of having quilt patches sewn to the nylon to take care of that.  It’s also pretty hot inside the net, no breeze gets in because it’s really fine mesh.  So, I keep a battery operated fan inside-it’s just enough to let me sleep.

My other sleeping trick when I’m away from home is a frozen water bottle.  Snuggle up to that, and cool right off!

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