Internet in Africa

Thanks to Eddie for posting this.

"The Times has an interesting article about Google funding a new internet service for sub-Saharan Africa.

'Google has teamed up with John Malone, the media
billionaire, and HSBC on a venture that will offer internet access to
three billion people in Africa and other emerging markets as the US
search engine continues to expand its presence across the Web.

The project, named O3b Networks, is targeting those people for whom
broadband Internet access is not commercially viable. The consortium
will today announce a deal to buy 16 low-earth orbit satellites from
France’s Thales Alenia Space as it kicks off the $750 million project
to link mobile phone masts to broadband networks in a series of
countries close to the equator, the Financial Times reported. (read more)'."

I'm not excited, not one little bit.  I might have reasonable internet access where I live by the end of 2010!

One of the commenters at the
Times asked why this was necessary when satellite broadband is already
an option.  Well, in mmmBELLYmay land, satellite broadband costs $1000
to set up and $300 a month to use, which is beyond my budget, much less
that of average mmmBELLYmay speakers.  Yay Google!

I love ebay

Mom's clock Mom is a little confused sometimes, especially by newer technology.  But, she loves watching and listening to her Cubbies.  I needed to find her a radio that would let her do that.  The old digital clock radio just had too many buttons, and would accidentally get set to go off with beeping and static at 2 am.

So, I went on ebay and found this lovely vintage item.  Sustainable technology.  Gotta love it. 

I love the internet

DMZ I love email too.  It’s a great way to keep in touch, get pictures of adorable nieces, keep up my stock of spam

Two months ago I was down to 99 emails to deal with in my inbox.  Today I was back up to 285, but now I’m down to…wait for it…

zero emails in my inbox!

OK, so my new DMZ folder has 230 emails in it, but I have a fresh start, thanks to a great idea from a blog.  I love blogs too.  And pepperoni pizza.  Which I am going to go eat right now, while admiring my empty inbox.  Gosh, it’s gorgeous.

Garage sale joy

The past two weeks I've been sorting through stuff at my parents' house to donate to a garage sale.  It was great to have that as a deadline to make me get it done.

Going through Christmas ornaments and things my sister and I used to play with was a little hard.  That's where my garage sale girlfriends stepped in and made my life a lot better.

Sue helped me price the ornaments..She admired them one last time with me, and liked some of them so much that she took them home to put on her tree come Christmas.

Ann bought the tiger toy chest, not even knowing it was what my sister and I played on and in while we were growing up.  Someone liked the tiger toy chest with the cool plastic whiskers that are miraculously still there after more than 30 years of love and tugging. Even though we got green paint on the front of it and red paint on the top of it.  Someone else liked the tiger toy chest!

Seeing our treasures go to people that I know made letting go of them so much more bearable.  Having friends to be with me and get me and what I'm experiencing makes life so much better.  Thanks.

Novel experiences

Grass Last week I went for a walk with friends through some long grass.

And there was no worry about stepping on a nasty snake.

Last Saturday evening I got bitten by mosquitos chatting with a friend outside.

And there was no worry about getting malaria from the mosquito bites.

It's nice to be in the States for a while, you know?

Podcast Party!

MosaicMy life has changed for the better.  I have learned to download podcasts and listen to them on my iriver.  It even works in Africa-I can listen to my pastor and other great speakers as I bounce along the road in my truck. 

Erwin McManus is who I’m listening to most lately.  He’s got a great talk on prayer that I listened to not once, not twice, but three times.  I laughed, I cried, I quoted to anyone who would listen.  Interested?  Click here to listen.  If that doesn’t work, go to the mosaic podcast then, click the link on the right side of the page for
January 15, 2006 –[Rapid Advance] Prayer:  Spiritual Activism by Erwin McManus.

If you read Dennis Papp’s blog and want to hear the talk he just blogged about, it’s on the same page as my favorite.  Click on the link that says March 19, 2006 – [Chasing Daylight] Advance:  Go Unless You Get a No by Erwin McManus.

Um, don’t ask me how to download the talk to put on your nifty portable gadget, though.  I set it up once and now I don’t remember.  I think I followed the very clear directions on the mosaic podcast website.  Oh well,  you can’t have everything in one little blog, can you?