Garage sale joy

The past two weeks I've been sorting through stuff at my parents' house to donate to a garage sale.  It was great to have that as a deadline to make me get it done.

Going through Christmas ornaments and things my sister and I used to play with was a little hard.  That's where my garage sale girlfriends stepped in and made my life a lot better.

Sue helped me price the ornaments..She admired them one last time with me, and liked some of them so much that she took them home to put on her tree come Christmas.

Ann bought the tiger toy chest, not even knowing it was what my sister and I played on and in while we were growing up.  Someone liked the tiger toy chest with the cool plastic whiskers that are miraculously still there after more than 30 years of love and tugging. Even though we got green paint on the front of it and red paint on the top of it.  Someone else liked the tiger toy chest!

Seeing our treasures go to people that I know made letting go of them so much more bearable.  Having friends to be with me and get me and what I'm experiencing makes life so much better.  Thanks.

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