I love the internet

DMZ I love email too.  It’s a great way to keep in touch, get pictures of adorable nieces, keep up my stock of spam

Two months ago I was down to 99 emails to deal with in my inbox.  Today I was back up to 285, but now I’m down to…wait for it…

zero emails in my inbox!

OK, so my new DMZ folder has 230 emails in it, but I have a fresh start, thanks to a great idea from a blog.  I love blogs too.  And pepperoni pizza.  Which I am going to go eat right now, while admiring my empty inbox.  Gosh, it’s gorgeous.

3 thoughts on “I love the internet

  • Another thing I use to help decrease what’s in my Inbox is to sort by sender. It is then easy to make sure I read ones from people I know and/or care about and delete ones from spam and/or unknowns.

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