Auntie Bakes a Princess Cake

My niece wanted a princess cake with a tiara, jewelry, and high heels.Bttr

I got a recipe online.  It said to fill the batter bowl up to an inch from the top. 


Crumb coatFinding an accessorized brunette Barbie was easier said than done.  I finally found 80s big hair Barbie at a thrift store,  complete with purple eyeshadow, serious blush, and huge plastic earrings.  I may have purchased a few other Barbies for their jewelry…

The white frosting is the crumb coat.  I had to do a thick crumb coat, because the trick is to freeze the cakes before you frost them, not freeze them, drive to your sister's house, then leave it on her counter for an hour.

Four cans of frosting later, Princess C was finished.  (Her tiara went on later.) I will never mock another lopsided, sloppy cake again.

For those longing for a blog with less fluff and frosting, I'm heading back to mmmBELLYmay land in about a month.  I'm guessing I'll find something else to write about then. 

Princess C

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