Mystery garden

Map_plantingMaybe this won’t be a mystery to you, but I couldn’t figure out what this shape was supposed to be until someone told me.  This is the way I was standing looking at it.  So, having established that I am not smarter than a fifth grader (my knowledge ends at third grade), can you tell what this is supposed to be?

Name that fruit!

PileThis morning I had my first experience with this food.  It was really good!  A friend that lives about 45 miles from me has a tree growing in her yard, and she gave me a taste.  I saved the seeds and I’ll try to grow them at my house-this was really good eating! I love saving the seeds from what I eat and trying to make them grow.  An avocado pit has grown into a seedling, we’ll see if I can keep it alive and get it to bear fruit.  I also transplanted a couple of little mango seedlings a few weeks ago, they had sprouted in my compost pit. 

So, guess what this is!  I won’t send a sample to the first person to Fruitanswer, they get overripe really fast.

Stinging beast

I have a confession to make-I am terrified of stinging bugs.  When I was a little kid I was afraid to catch lightning bugs unless they were glowing because they looked too much like wasps to me, and I was afraid I’d catch a wasp by mistake. 

This is the view from my shared office window on campus.  Pretty fancy-I get one office for me and one for the rest of the teaching team.  I shut this creature in between the glass and the screen.  I felt a little cruel, but more relieved that it couldn’t get out and sting me with its fangs.  I’m sure it had fangs.  Even if the other teachers said it was harmless, I KNOW I saw fangs AND a huge stinger.

Chinese pride?


I’m told the name of this in French is l’orgueil de Chine.  I just think it’s pretty.  And, they’re hardy!  I came out of my house one morning after a stormy night and found that the tree had fallen over and half of its roots were showing.  So, I propped it up with sticks and bricks and dirt, insisting on doing it my way, using the laws of physics, much to my friends’ disgust.  It fell over again in the next storm, much to my disgust.  My friends redid it, and it’s stayed up, pretty much straight, and still alive after 2 months.